Promotion Detail

1. This bonus only will be randomly award to active MLive77 members every month before 5th.

2. Total of 75 qualified members ONLY will get chosen for this monthly lucky draw.

3. Members must at least active for 3 months and deposit 3 times a week to be list into active member list.

4. Members that more actively with more deposit will stand higher chance to win the reward.


Reward list :


RM 1000 for 10 members

RM 500 for 15 members

RM 300 for 20 members

RM 100 for 30 members


5. Customer service will contact lucky winners for this reward, and member will only get it after reply to us.

6. Member must be contactable to get this reward else it will be given to other members.

- Please do update your contact number at profile page or contact us if there is any changes in contact number.

7. NO turnover or rollover need to withdraw this reward as it is a free CASHBACK from MLive77.

Free Spin Friend Reward VIP